A TELLING is an interactive, one on one storytelling experience created and curated by Allie Olson. Each TELLING is site specific and has a unique theme. TELLINGS usually incorporate both a visual and a performance element. A TELLING provides a safe and comfortable space for direct human connection. The digital era has provided new ways for society to connect but because of this, we are not talking to each other face to face as often. Neighbors don’t know one another. Teenagers don’t leave the house as much. Strangers rarely strike up friendly conversations. We spend too much time looking at our screens and not at each other. Research shows the depression/anxiety rate is higher than ever.
A TELLING aims to address this issue and bring attention to the necessity we all have for presence and connection.

Each person who participates in A TELLING receives a true story about my life. The spontaneous story I tell is prompted by a word or object the participant chooses to give me, usually inspired by the theme. Opening myself up in a vulnerable way creates a space of communication and trust. Some TELLINGS invite the participant to share a story or emotion with me, if they feel comfortable doing so. Two strangers connecting in this sacred way is an example of empathy and compassion. The participant leaves with a story/experience to share with others and hopefully, a more open and courageous approach towards unity and understanding.

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