Allie Olson

 1981  Born Milwaukee, WI

 Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York


Brooklyn Arts Council Grant Awardee, 2019



2019 A TELLING: NEIGHBOR Good Life Garden Brooklyn, NY

2018 A TELLING: HOME Institute 193 Lexington, KY

2017        A TELLING                  New Women Space               Brooklyn, NY

2015        TRANSPARENT           Outlaw Arts Space                 New York, NY



 2017       BCC Vs. SCC                 Chinatown Soup                     New York, NY

               Rite of Summer             The Living Gallery                   Brooklyn, NY

               Direct Message             Ground Floor Gallery               Brooklyn, NY


2016       Rite of Fall                   The Living Gallery                    Brooklyn NY

                Cut & Taste                Chinatown Soup                      New York, NY

                Vitamin C                    Rabbithole Studios                  Brooklyn, NY

               The Borough               Doyle Galleries                        New York, NY

               Fleeting                         One Thousand Birds               Brooklyn, NY

               DioramaRama               Club 157                                   Brooklyn, NY

               Beauty UnDefined       51 Orchard                               New York, NY



             BCC                              Dream in Plastic                       Beacon, NY

             Open Studios              Troutman Gallery                      Brooklyn, NY  
             Strikeaway                    Paxtongate                               San Francisco, CA

             BCC                             Dateline Gallery                        Denver, CO

             Cut & Paste                  Sugarlift                                      Brooklyn, NY


2014     Brooklyn Collage         Armature                                 Brooklyn, NY

             Art Against The State                                                      Brazil

            UGANDA ART-ICLE                                                         Italy



2013       Zalop                             Eyedrum Gallery                          Atlanta, GA

                ICE                               Tymutopiyapres Gallery                 Ukraine


2012       Hide and Seek              The Miller House,                         Lexington, KY


2011       Pet Milk                          LEXarts                                           Lexington, KY


2010       Equally Yours              Outer Loop,                                      Louisville, KY


2009      Woodford Reserve Barrel Art                                              Versailles, Ky


2006       Red Bull Art of the Can                                                       Atlanta,  GA




2010 Equally Yours Billboard Louisville, KY

2009       People’s Choice    Woodford Reserve                    Versailles, KY

2000       Best In Design                                               Kentucky State University



Red Bull