Each morning I wake up, in awe of the images my Unconscious creates while sleeping. Books made out of chocolate?  A woman’s nose becoming a carrot? Yes, please! I love the hazy, imaginary world of dreams and I’m always on a quest to bring more of these Unconscious images and dialogues into my waking life. They guide me to look within and understand myself better. This helps me understand humanity better, compassionately recognizing suffering. My ultimate goal is to Illuminate Joy and bring more whimsical delight into people's lives. By inviting others into surprising moments of dreamy wonder, they are transported to a brighter, lighter world. I explore multiple approaches to art making because the process of personal discovery is fascinating and never ending! Drawing with my eyes closed, writing stream of consciousness fairy tales and making daily short videos are a few ways I push my curiosity and explore fresh concepts.

My paintings begin as layers of chunky acrylic paint, jaggedly torn paper and thick mounds of molding paste. I mindfully build each layer up, then sand it down. This creates a densely textured surface, both compelling and touchable. Over this, I paint strikingly bold, black lines and cheerfully bright colors, contrasting the background while still continuing to be a part of it. My shapes, or Oolas as I call them, are made with one continuous automatic line, a technique used by the Surrealists. These winding, loopy swirls evoke playful images and as the painting is rotated so are the possibilities! Each viewer may see something different—a dog holding an umbrella, or maybe a skateboarding fish!

My Telling performances are a one on one experience of surprise and intangible gift giving. I invite each participant into a symbolic, ceremonial space, sharing a unique and spontaneous story with them. Every Telling is different and the space is sight specific, but all are rooted in storytelling, mythology, psychoanalysis, and empathy. In a digitally saturated world, this is my way of providing a numinous way for two humans to comfortably connect and share a moment together. I cherish the uncertainty and vulnerability present in each Telling, knowing that as I give a gift, I also receive one.