Human connection and personal vulnerability inspire my artistic process and development. My ultimate goal is to illuminate Joy, offer compassion and bring more whimsical delight to people. By inviting others into surprising moments of dreamy wonder, they are transported to a brighter, lighter world. I explore multiple approaches to art making because the process of personal discovery is fascinating and never ending! Drawing with my eyes closed, writing stream of consciousness fairy tales, surreal self portraits, ephemeral collage and daily short videos are a few ways I push my curiosity and explore new ideas.

My performance series, A TELLING, addresses the current climate of technology, societal division and lack of connection. TELLINGS provide a way for two strangers to be present and spend time together. I invite each person into a ceremonial space, sharing a true and spontaneous story prompted by a word or object they give me. Every TELLING concept is personalized and site specific and each interaction is uncertain yet meaningful. In a digitally saturated world, A TELLING encourages face-to-face interaction. I believe conversation between strangers is one seed towards a more empathic, unified world. I honor the vulnerability present during each TELLING, knowing that as I give a gift, I also receive one.